Condition and Valuation Surveys

Bay Predator II - New Build by d'Eon Boatbuilding

 Condition and Valuation surveys are usually required on vessels ranging from small pleasure craft, fishing vessels, to small commercial vessels.

The survey consists of an examination of the vessel without the removal of fixtures and panels which are not normally removable.  The results of the inspection being reported on a standard form which can be expanded as necessary depending upon the type of vessel.
This type of survey will include a narrative describing the vessel and its condition, recommendations, valuation, and photographs. 

Damage Surveys

Fundy Viper II - Destroyed by fire on Grand Manan, NB.

 Damage surveys can be completed on all types of vessels including fishing vessels, yachts, and full size commercial vessels. Our standard procedure is to obtain full particulars, including a description of the vessel and incident details in the form of a signed and witnessed statement. A full inspection of the damage is then conducted and a Field Survey Report prepared.
The client is normally provided with a preliminary notification of the extent of damage, including a copy of the Statement and brief details of the extent of loss. Usually we will then issue a Preliminary Survey Report, setting out the facts, detailing the damage, and including comments upon the owner's allegation as to the cause of the incident. This report will also include photographs of the damage.
If appropriate, repairs are monitored and repair invoices examined and discussed with the client if necessary. The invoice, along with any other related charges, will be included with our Final Report, along with our comments and approval of repair costs, as appropriate. 

Cargo Surveys

Flight Simulator loaded on open 40' flat rack.

Cargo surveys include loading and offloading as well as lashing and securing.  Ro-Ro cargo monitoring during lifting and moving as well as observing securing aboard the vessel, trailer or rail car.  

We also conduct damage surveys of cargo including containerized, flat bed and over-sized cargo included in our range of services.   

Total Loss Investigations

Fisherman's Provider II Wreck Removal

 A Total Loss can be performed in the event of constructive or absolute total loss. In the event that debris remains, it will be examined in an effort to determine the cause of the loss, and evaluate salvage costs. Cause or probable cause will be determined, if possible. 


Atlantic  Renegade afloat in Beaver Harbour, NB.


If you are looking at purchasing a fishing vessel, or perhaps using an already owned fishing vessel as collateral for financing purposes, it is necessary for your lending institution to have a detailed appraisal outlining the condition of the vessel and providing an inventory of the gear on board. The purpose of the appraisal survey is to provide a detailed report which summarizes the condition of the vessel and provides a calculated market value and estimated remaining commercial life of the vessel. In addition to providing an appraised value of the vessel, we can also provide a full inventory of any associated fishing gear and provide an estimated value for that as well.

Vessel Measurements and First Registrations

Landon Lobstah - Under Construction by Rock Solid Composites


Tonnage Measurements are completed on all types of vessels, tonnage measurements are required for new and modified vessels. A vessel survey and analysis of drawings is completed to determine the gross and net tonnage, enclosed spaces and registered and tonnage dimensions. All required documents are completed for the owner. 

When applying for a vessel license, it is often a requirement that the vessel be measured for length and cubic number. We also provide these types of surveying services.

For newly constructed vessels requiring first registration, Universal Marine Consultants can also provide assistance with preparation of documentation required by Transport Canada, as well as DFO for licensing, and can provide this service often at a very reasonable cost if completed in conjunction with vessel measurements.